Enchanted Earth Ocean Foundation is a non profit organization that is dedicated to education and the preservation of precious wildlife. At this time we are working specifically with dolphins and whales, scientifically known as cetaceans. With our years of field research and interaction with cetaceans, we have come to know an animal that is highly advanced and extremely intelligent. We are working on extensive communication projects with wild dolphins and whales, and are accomplishing ground breaking results. Through research programs, television programming, documentaries, and films, we shed new lgiht on the animal kingdom. It is our mission to uncover unique dialogues with cetaceans and share this information in a way that will help to protect and preserve the species. With scientists and experts from around the globe, our team has set out to unlock the advanced communication codes that have been utilized by cetaceans for millions of years.

We believe there is an extensive language utilized by the cetaceans. It is centuries old and aches to be uncovered. We must first be willing to accept the concept that they are intelligent enough to have such a system.
Enchanted Earth Ocean Foundation is not only willing to accept this concept, but is dedicated to delving deeply in to it. Through an ongoing platform of exploration, we will spotlight cetacean communication, behavior, and intelligence in new and exciting ways. EEOF will develop these projects fully to see what levels they can ultimately reach.